Moomtaz Self Storage is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service!

What size storage unit do I need and what storage sizes do you have?

We have a helpful space estimator that could give you visualize the type of unit you required. If you're still not sure about how much storage space you required, just let our friendly and knowledgeable staff know what will be stored and they're happy to assist you at our store, email or phone. Click here to use our Space Estimator.

We have a few types for you to choose from : 4x4ft, 6x5ft, 8x5ft and 10x8ft unit type.

How do I know my belongings are secure and do I need a lock?

Security is always our main concern. You are required to use your own lock to your storage space. To enter through our premise, you will have your own personal access code which is recorded in our security system. Our surveillance system monitors the gates, surrounding areas as well in our premise 24 hours a day.

You will need a lock for your unit. You may use your own or purchase one at our site.

Is insurance required?

If your goods are worth storing, they are worth insuring. We suggest taking out insurance.

What exactly can I store?

As long as it's not illegal, dangerous, highly inflammable, perishable, precious or alive, you can store in our unit(s).

Is there a minimum period of time I must rent the space for?

Moomtaz Self Storage customers are on a month-to-month rental basis. So there is no required minimum and you are free to leave whenever you no longer require our services.

Can I give access to my storage space to other people?

Yes. As you are provided your own access code and use your own key - it is your space, so you choose who can access it.

Can I have large lorry to unload near your premise?

Yes. We have dedicated loading bay to drop your belongings.

Do you have a moving cart or hand truck available?

Yes! We few hand trucks we can lend to you to move in/out of our premise.

Do you sell boxes?

Yes! we have a wide variety of box sizes along with other packing and moving supplies for sale.

Do you offer a mover?

Sorry, not at this point in time. Please check moving services by Lalamove or TheLorry.

If your answers are not here, feel free to contact our self storage professionals at 010-8442695.