Choosing The Best Self Storage Unit in Malaysia

Published on 20.03.2019
Choosing The Best Self Storage Unit in Malaysia 1

Everyone needs their own space but things and memories can take up so much of our space. We are always in a dilemma whether to throw out things which we love so dearly but we do not use it or to just keep it in our storeroom and complain every time we do spring cleaning. Some things are so torn out physically but carry so many memories, so we keep it. Choosing which item to keep away is as hard as choosing the best place to keep it. Self storage in Malaysia has made it easier for everyone to keep their belongings, memories, and collectibles away from their home but still in a safer and secure place. However, choosing the best self-storage unit is not as easy as you think.

It is undeniable that everyone must have at least one of these items in the storeroom, either the firstborn’s clothes, boots or mittens which were never meant to be handed over or mommy’s years-old plates which you have never used, cute boxes which you thought you would need but you just keep buying it but forgot to use it, old cassettes which nobody uses it anymore because obviously we have Youtube now and other things you thought ‘for keep and to be used in future’ but you just let it rot in the storeroom and fill up your space. That’s why almost everyone needs a unit of self storage to keep their items that they cannot simply discard or throw away. Hence, choosing the best self-storage unit takes a lot of consideration.

Even though we do not have spring season in Malaysia but each time when we do a “spring cleaning”, it has always made us wish that we can extend our space along with the expanding piles of things and memories that we have. Unfortunately, it will cost us a fortune for the expansion of space, but so fortunate that rental storage is made available nowadays at a lower cost with a very little hassle. That’s when we really hope we already own a unit, so it would be easier to just keep things right away. Time to choose the best self-storage unit of your own!

Opting to rent a storage unit is not a prime solution to your space issues but it is a better and convenient option than keeping things in your place and having another mess to think of. There are tons of reasons for you to consider renting a storage unit, either for a short term or a long term. You may think you have enough space for your belongings but wait until the whole clan comes to your house and decided to spend a night at your place, that’s when the ‘Yes, you can!’ takes a lot of consideration. That’s when you know you really need a storage unit.

Choosing The Best Self Storage Unit in Malaysia 2

However, choosing the best self-storage unit can be quite tricky because your mind keeps telling you what you want instead of what you that’s always the case, what’s more when buying new things.

When choosing the best self-storage unit in Malaysia, there are a lot of things that need to considered and asked. It is truly okay to ask, as long as you are asking the related ones! Here are some of the things you need to know before selecting the best self-storage unit for your items.

  1. Always ask for the available sizes of the storage units that the company provides starting from the smallest one to the biggest one.

  2. Know the rental cost clearly. It should include the amount for the unit size you want, the admin fee, and other charges. Ask if there are any hidden charges. The total amount should always be your priority when choosing the best self-storage unit. This is to ensure that the price is worth the service you get.

  3. Be clear of other services, facilities, or amenities that they provide. Be sure of the compulsory services and facilities that they should offer without any charge security, washrooms, parking space, and access. That is to avoid any further regret.

  4. Ask assistance from the storage consultant and cross-check with your needs, which unit size is best for you according to your volume and which storage company provides the best price with the best services.

  5. Take note of the company’s office hour so it would be easier if there is anything you need.

  6. Check the payment methods available to make your payments. This might sound petty but it is important for your convenience.

  7. Also ask whether they have mover service, in case you need it for big items. Usually, it is cheaper when they have their own.

Once you have decided the best storage unit for your precious, ask yourself whether you have packed up properly or not? If you have, get ready to move your belongings to a new home!

Now, take back your space!