What Can You Store In A Self-Storage Unit?

Published on 01.04.2019

Renting a self-storage unit is a very convenient option that you can opt for when it comes to your storage needs. However, having a unit will not simply settle your storage issues because there are certain things are not permissible for you to store in the unit. And, mostly those items are generally non-permissible. But, there are so many other items that you can store in a self-storage unit! At Moomtaz Self Storage, these are the items that you can store!

  1. Babies-related items such as your first born’s mittens, boots, and clothing. Unused baby cots, rocking chair, and swings that take up so much space in the house. These items are very memorable and sentimental, hence the piles in the storeroom.

  2. Hobby-related items such as fishing rods, RCs equipment, painting tools and supplies, extra cycling spare parts. These items do not only conquer the space at home but also, mind.

  3. Furniture which is unused and wobbly but soon-to-be-fixed. Furniture such as sofa, dining table and chairs are not cheap so, throwing them out are not easy to decide but keeping them is so not efficient for your home.

  4. Collectibles such as book collections, cartoon figures, vintage items, and vinyl records. These items are precious for collectors. The thought of having them broken, lost, or ruined is too much to handle. Keeping them safe is a must.

  5. Business supplies and needs such as product stocks which are vital in every business and must be kept safely and securely. Marketing materials and decoration items for business promotions are necessary but cannot be simply discarded. They are costly to do and by keeping them properly enables them to be used repetitively. But, again...where’s the space?

  6. Personal belongings such as unworn clothes, seasonal clothes, and extra accessories. It is hard to let these things go because you always think you might need it. And, until they become the major source of clutters at home.

If you think you have these items at home and do not know where else to keep them away, you know you have the right place for your items.

Keep the items that you can keep in a self-storage unit at Moomtaz Self Storage, Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

Do not worry, we know how to take care of your items safely, securely and properly.