When is The Right Time to Use Self Storage?

Published on 22.04.2019

Have you ever wondered when is the best time you should use self storage? Sometimes you may think you need it but when you have space, you do not know what to put. But, most of the time, such time does not exist because we are always in demand for more space for our belongings and for ourselves.

However, there might be a time when you really need extra space for your belongings but you are just unsure of making the right decision.

Self Storage in Malaysia Why Moomtaz Self Storage 2

So, let Moomtaz Self Storage tell you when are the right time and moment for you to make the rightest decision in using self storage as you storage companion.

The most crucial time that you are desperately in demand of more space to store your items safely and properly is during your house renovation. When renovating your house, everything in the house is all over the place or left in boxes which are not guaranteed safe and secure. It is fine for items which have no significant value but, imagine keeping your Tupperware collection in the kitchen while renovating and letting it become dusty or maybe worst, getting splashed with paint! You don’t even want to imagine it right? That’s why you need a self-storage unit to keep your items safely, properly, and away from dust or any possible ‘threat’.

Have you ever thought that you actually need a space for your items for your move out? One of the right and crucial time for you to opt for self storage is during your move out. This is because moving out is not an easy deal with a lot of things to be packed and moved away, time is really limited even when you pack way earlier. There are so many things to be done to move out. Getting ready for move in is another thing, like you’re just done with the move-out, now for move in? It is a big deal but you cannot stand seeing boxes and piles of unorganized things to take over your new place. Self-storage is there to help you with it. By owning a unit, you can simply pack and unpack at your convenience without having to stress over things!

Self storage is needed during many phases of your life, while you are living alone with just a very limited space in your rental room, or while you are in the couple life phase with a lot of things to keep but with just the right size of space for you two or while expanding the family with little bundles of joy. Self storage is here to save your storage concerns and to let you have freer space and more room to breathe and spend with your loved ones.

Sometimes, you don’t need a strong reason to go for self storage. It can be a random decision because generally, everyone needs more space for themselves. However, it triggered you to get a unit of your own probably right after you watched Marie Kondo’s series or because you’ve enough with the clutters at home.

Any reason that you have for wanting a self-storage unit is solely based on your preference. At Moomtaz, we believe everyone deserves more space to breathe and to own. You can keep your belongings safely and properly with us, at your convenience. We do not discriminate based on your reasons. We accept everyone who needs more space. We believe by having more space for yourself, you are entitled to get more time for yourself.

Store with us and we’ll take care of it for you.

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