Things that cannot be stored in a self-storage unit

Published on 09.04.2019

The idea of renting a self-storage unit is a great choice. Everyone needs it for the same reason, which is to have more space for themselves. No matter what you are keeping, it is always because you prefer not to share your own personal space with the items you are keeping. With self storage, people are guaranteed to have their privacy back instead of sharing their life with unused furniture, old clothes, years-old items. Even with their own collectibles which are considered as precious possessions, people would end up keeping them away, instead of throwing them out, because at one point, people deemed for more space.

However, even though it is a good idea to use self storage as your extra storage place, you need to know that there are things you cannot store in the unit. At Moomtaz Self Storage, these are the things that cannot be stored in our self-storage unit:

  1. Pets. Just because they are too cute to keep inside! Keep that cuteness with you.

Things that cannot be stored in a self storage unit pets

  1. Live plants. We don’t grow things inside here except for love. Grow your live plants somewhere else, or at your place for more greeneries. They need water and sun to stay alive. You can’t take that away from them!

Things that cannot be stored in a self storage unit live plants

  1. Perishable foods. Foods are meant to be shared. Or not? But why keep it when you can eat it?

  1. Firearms and explosive. Even with a license, we don’t accept your dangerous and flammable items over here. We believe it would be great to keep it at any certified and professional personnel for the safety of everyone in the world!

Things that cannot be stored in a self storage unit firearms

  1. Liquids. Your unit may be individual but the whole facility is shared. We cannot take risk of housing a unit with liquids, because if anything happened, it will involve other units as well.

Things that cannot be stored in a self storage unit liquids

  1. Yourself. We know you are precious just like your belongings, but you deserve a better place. You have 24/7 access to your unit, come and visit your belongings at any time you wish!

If you are thinking of using self storage for items other than those non-permissible ones, you may contact us now. We are always reachable at 011-57698864. If you need to take a tour at our facility, kindly walk-in to Moomtaz Self Storage, Bandar Mahkota Cheras Kajang.