Own what you have

Published on 07.12.2018

Self storage is the ultimate helper to your storage issues, it is an undeniable truth in today’s world. Although it is considered as a new thing in Malaysia, a lot of people wished for it to be existed decades ago because it is such a convenient service that should have existed along with the dinosaurs. Even before the exploration of the space started, and even way before Armstrong landed on the moon, human kind has already been aware of the fact that they need their “space”. 

Having our own space is important in our life regardless of living in a shared room or house, people need their own space; small or big but a space for them. It is not an issue to share our space with another human being like our family or friends but to share the space with non-living things is upsetting. It is totally understandable that our space or place is shared with our furniture and belongings because we need them anyways but to have it shared with the unused items or the items that we use once in one whole year, is a waste.

Self storage is the key to save yourself from this space waste. Do not let your clutter and belongings invade your living space. If you have a storeroom, keep the things inside but most of the time, there is no more space in the storeroom, hence the space invasion not by the aliens but by your own belongings! So, it’s time to take it back! Take back your space and own it all to yourself...your family or friends as well. Start with sorting things out, pack away your unused items and rarely used ones. Keep them in boxes and differentiate them from the daily used ones. Keep the ones you really need to have in your place, such as one extra bolster, one bedspread or clothes that you can fit. You do not need all those festive decorations which you take out only once in a year or clothes that you cannot fit anymore. Remember, if you cannot fit in it, they clearly do not fit to be in your house or maybe you can keep one for motivation but the rest, pack away and store it elsewhere! Nobody tells you to throw away all your items, but if you want to do so, you’re welcomed but we know how much you love and precious those things are, what’s more if it’s our firstborn’s items. Keep it and own it but not in your place because why keep unused items in your place when you can have your place all for other beneficial and important ones. 

Remember, the goal is to create more space in your place and live a freer life. You do not want to be suffocated and agitated by the clutter and the unused items. Life has so many other things for you to enjoy and think of rather than focusing and getting annoyed over the mess and the enjoyment should begin at your place.