Self Storage for Businesses: What Can You Store?

Published on 18.02.2019

Self storage is an economical option for businesses to be used as a storage space as well as a workspace. It cannot be denied that self storage is a whole lot cost-saving instead of a warehouse. However, in the aspect of its capacity, self storage cannot be equated with a warehouse. The largest size that a self-storage facility can offer may be the smallest size a warehouse can offer you, hence the price difference.

For businesses, self storage not only acts as a warehouse for the business’ inventory and products but it also has other storage functions. Many business owners may think that renting a self-storage unit can only be used to keep business inventory and products but in fact, it can also be used to store other items.

Basically, whatever items that you use for your business can also be stored in the self-storage unit. So, do not limit your storage use only for the inventory and products because self storage can be used for so many other functions!

One of the things that you can keep is your piles of documents. Self storage can act as your document storage. Paperwork and other documents are essential in businesses, no matter what kind of business you run. Certain records are important to be kept and cannot be discarded such as customer records, receipts, and whatnot. And, truth be told, that is the main source of your office clutters.

To save your space in the office and to clear the clutters that cannot be discarded, keep them somewhere else. The best solution is in a self-storage unit! With the ease of 24/7 access, guaranteed security and safety, self-storage facility is the right place to keep your important documents.

Apart from documents, self storage can also be useful to keep your furniture. A large-sized self-storage unit can act as a furniture storage for your business. While doing business, with an office or without, furniture is one of the things that we splurge on such as desks, shelves, cupboard, and etc. What’s more for restaurant owners or shop owners, usually they’ll need more furniture than other businesses. Wobbly furniture, unused ones, and temporarily unneeded furniture are best to be kept away from your business space for a smoother run of your business.

Also, self-storage units of all sizes can be best used to keep your promotional and marketing items such as seasonal decorations. This is best applied to restaurant owners or shop owners because normally they have to decorate their business premise seasonally. So, the decoration items that they need will take up so much space in the premise which is not practical and strategic for their business. Hence, to make use of self storage is a brilliant option for them.

Self storage is indeed a useful service that everyone can make use of. Business can use it for business storage as well as for other indirect business-related purposes.