The Smarter Way of Warehousing with Self Storage

Published on 11.02.2019

Warehouse is a common need for most businesses to keep business goods, stocks, and whatnot. Basically, a warehouse acts as a provider for their storage needs. Renting a warehouse is not a cheap deal because normally a warehouse can cost your business a fortune and that’s why most business ‘freshies’ do not go for a warehouse. Instead, these ‘freshies’ prefer to rent a mini office to run their business or some would just set up a home office.

There is no wide range of choice when it comes to business storage, but only when you do not know the existence of self storage. Self storage serves the purpose of providing convenience to its users. Self storage’s benefits and usefulness can be enjoyed by its users be it for personal use or business use. There are a lot of benefits that can be savored by businesses when they use self storage as a smarter way of warehousing.

Choosing self storage to act as a business warehouse is undeniably a better option that can be made by businesses. Not only that is much cheaper than renting a warehouse, but it is also practical, convenient and secure for your business. Thus, to rent a self-storage unit for your business use is a smarter way of doing your business.

Self storage is certainly an economical storage for your business. You can rent the largest size of a self-storage unit which in Moomtaz, is as big as a master bedroom, for an affordable price rather than you rent a warehouse which will cost you more than your monthly profit.

Self storage is indeed best-suited for startup businesses or online sellers because usually, the scale of the business goods are smaller than the long-existing businesses or offline sellers. However, it actually depends on the amount of the goods that you need to store regardless of being a startup, a long-existing, an online or an offline business. If you have a small number of business goods to store, why do you pay so much for a big space which in fact you only need just an adequate size for your items. A warehouse typically offers a big space to be rented out meanwhile self storage offers you a wide range of sizes depending on your storage needs and budget.

Apart from its cost-saving benefit, self storage is practical for your business. First, you can choose a self-storage facility at your preferred location which normally near to your place or your customers’ base. There are a lot of self-storage facilities located in the city areas, business parks, and public places. For instance, Moomtaz Self Storage is located at the highest traffic area in Bandar Mahkota Centre, surrounded by a lot of business premises and residential areas.

Secondly, most self-storage facilities allow you to access 24/7 at your convenience. You have no time limit to your storage and you can make it your long as you’re still renting.

Thirdly, many self-storage facilities provide fulfillment services which are good for your businesses, especially for online business. All can be done in one place, very practical.

All self-storage facilities are secure and alarmed. Self storage is also your secure storage confidante where every self-storage facility is equipped with a high level of security and safety measures. Self storage facilities are mostly gated and access is entirely exclusive for tenants as well as the staff. CCTV cameras are everywhere in the facilities. Some self-storage facilities are also equipped with security guards for an extra security measure.

Keeping your business goods and stocks at self-storage facilities is nothing but an advantage for your business. You can save your cost, make it easier to do your business with its practicality and flexibility, and can save your worries. Indeed, self storage is a smarter way of warehousing for your business.