Why Businesses Are Budgeting for Self Storage

Published on 28.11.2017

Growing businesses always face the same problem when demands are growing and their needs are getting bigger. Some of the problems that arise are:

Hiring more staff.
Stocking more inventory.
Keeping track of more files and paper documents.

Any of these would leave your business with a serious shortage of space. Before you settle on expanding as the only way to grow, you should consider self storage in the equation. Here we share how self-storage could be the money-saver strategy your business.

Self Storage Could Save A Fortune
As your business expands, your first thought might be to purchase bigger property. However, is that really your best option? Usually, commercial leases can lock you in for years and it ties you to a one sized space only. Self-storage provide space for growing companies with flexible rental rates and storage sizes without the struggle of making big and expensive commitments.

Free up floor space in the office
Most offices lack space due to the overflowing clutter. Self-storage can hold the excess, leaving more room for your employees and the items you use every day. Consider the following the list of items that you can store :
Consider the following the list of items that you can store:
  • Excess or rarely used office furniture
  • Archiving documents, files and paperwork
  • Paper products and surplus office supplies
  • Holiday or seasonal decorations
  • Bulky tools and equipment
  • Inventory storage, temporary or full time 

Short or Long Term Storage
Self storage proves to be a low risk commitment for businesses as they have the ability to use it for short or long term period without any hassle. It also fulfill the needs for flexibility of current and future growth.

Use only what you need
Imagine a space that can grow with you! Storage requirements for business changes over time, with self storage you are able to upgrade or down-size your storage space according to your needs easily. This mean you will be paying for the space that you use only.

An Organized Workplace Improves Productivity
With less clutter, you're left with an open and well organized space, which provides comfort and improves workflow. Not only that, you'll be spending less time for organizing and cleaning the excessive clutter which means more time to optimize productivity.

Security For Your Peace of Mind
In the world of business, security is a must and we take that seriously. Like most self storage facilities we provide security benefits that includes, 24 hour CCTV,  alarm system, access control panels and your own padlock for your locker which you can choose for yourself or purchase from our own range of padlocks.

If you think your business could benefit from self storage, get in touch or visit us today! Let's see how we can help your business.