Ten storage tips for college students.

Published on 24.11.2017
Storage for students
Whether you live in a shared apartment with three students or dorm, self storage units can provide some extra space to change your lifestyle. Here are some some heads up for students who want to use self storage service.

1. Get a conveniently located facility.
Sungai Long is a nice and beautiful place and there are some colleges and universities spread throughout the town. Moomtaz Self Storage sits in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, providing a convenient service to college and university students.

2. Choose the right size.
Picking the right unit size will help you save money and make the move easier. You can consult our Moomtaz Self Storage operator, they are happy to help.

3. Know your options.
Moving and storing supplies can give you a positive experience using self storage services. Storage facilities like Moomtaz Self Storage have dollies, trolley to aid you in moving and storing process.

4. Clean your things.
Clean it before you store it, expecially the electric appliances such as microwave. It can prevent mold and bacteria growth while they are in the storage unit.

5. Pack smart.
Pack any boxes with moderate weight so that you can lift them in ease and not hurt your back. Wrap delicate items in paper or bubble wrap to prevent cracks during the move. Use some proper tools to keep your stuffs in good condition.

6. Label everything.
Label your boxes using marker, preferably the permanent marker. It will save you some time when you are looking for things.

7. Plan how to use the space.
Pack your stuffs along the side of storage unit, keep a walking path at the center. Bulky and large boxes alway stay at the bottom.

8. Remember your pin code.
Choose a pin that you familiar to register when move in. Write down the pin code on the back of a storage business cards.

9. Use a quality lock.
If you don’t know which lock to choose, Moomtaz Self Storage can help. We have some locks available for purchase.

10. Act now.
With so many customers in need of storage, you might want to reserve a unit as soon as possible. Storage units are limited and waiting until the last minute may miss the chances. Moomtaz Self Storage helps by providing numerous units and guidance throughout the entire process. Now you can either phone, online or walk in to reserve a unit.