Be wise and make it worth

Published on 13.12.2018

Have you ever thought of renting a self storage unit for your belongings because you have too much stuff cramped at your place like that bicycle that you think you would use for some exercises but you decided to use that indoor bike trainer instead? Or maybe that one day where you decided to just move away your items to the self storage simply because you need more space for yourself and your family?

We totally get it that one point of time we are so tired of looking at too many items at our place but we do not want to throw them away because we still need them, but we know they need another place to stay. You have made the right decision to rent a unit but you just need to choose your unit wisely.

It is totally understandable when you think you need your unit to be as big as possible for your items because you think it is better to have a big one and you can just store in whatever you want. However, that is not the way it works! Self storage is like a second home for your belongings but temporarily. It is not right to keep your belongings without setting its time limit. Your aim to keep your belongings away from you is actually to give you some space while you clear things out. In the meantime, you should sort things out and decide which one you should really toss away in order for you to give more room for the items that you should keep. Before deciding the size, you should measure the size of your items that you want to store. Once you have the correct measurement, look for the available units and their sizes. It is important to choose the smallest possible unit to rent. Getting a small unit is not only to save you from spending more than you should but also to curb your temptation to continuously add more items to the space whenever you are in a dilemma whether to keep or to get rid of something.

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Apart from that, renting a small unit makes you plan better. This is because when you rent a small unit, you are aware of your limit so you won’t continuously store everything you want. Also, you are most likely to follow your deadline and set your aim to clear things out before your deadline. When you have a big unit, you tend to keep everything in the storage unit and decline your goal to clear your space. Months passed by then you realize you have reached more than your budget and spent more than you should. It is inefficient and ineffective for your goal. By doing that you tend to keep things that you do not even need and that will only cause more trouble in future.

So, if you are thinking to rent a storage unit, always remember to start with the smallest possible unit. Think realistically and wisely for your storage issue and your budget.