Keep your linens clean and organized

Published on 12.12.2018

Most people have a closet that is specially allocated for their linens, but normally, many use it as a catchall space for their junks instead. The worst case is when we stuffed everything in the closet and it turns out to be a mix of clothes, lines and everything. Some people may think it is way easier that way but wait until you are in a rush for your meeting and you cannot find your blazer because the closet holds to much stuff, or when your mother decided to pay you a visit out of the blue, then you could not find a proper and cleaner table cloth but you just could not find it in the sea of linens you kept in the closet, so here mommy came and nag...sorry not sorry.

We can never have too many bedspreads, towels, pillowcases and other stuff because we just can never have enough of it, hence, the mountain of linens in the closet. Closet for linens can be quite difficult to maintain and might take up so much of our space, so there is always an option to use an armoire instead. However, an armoire or a linen closet, you need to always keep the space tidy and organized so it will not be another mess in your head. It is not necessarily the quantity of linens you have, but it is how you keep it...BUT...maybe it is the quantity as well. Okay, so let’s get this started and learn more on how to organize your linens in a tidy, clean and hygienic manner.

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First thing first, empty out the space completely because you are about to make a makeover and you need a fresh new start for the space! Once all cleared out, make the space hygienic because God knows when was the last time you “dust it off” and wipe it. Make it clean and free from dust because you do not want to keep your linens in a dusty and dirty space. Now, the crucial part in reorganizing spaces or makeovers, it is to sort out the items or in this case, your precious linens. In making your space tidier and more organized, you can either limit the items to keep or to make the storage space bigger and keep everything. However, most of the time, we are too in short of spaces so we cannot opt to have a bigger space, hence we need to limit the items. So, in sorting out session, you don’t always have to toss everything away. Categorize your items into ‘keep’, ‘donate’, ‘trash’ and ‘move’. Remember that you can only keep what you intend to use in order to save your space and move the items that you don’t need regularly to a self storage space which you rented or need to rent.

Keep your linens in a basket or just line or stack them up according to their group. For instance, keep bedspreads together in one part and towels in other part so it will be way easier for you to look for the item or to organize them in future. You can always label the basket or the shelf for your convenience and other people as well. Keep the ones you use regularly on top and the rarely but still regularly used below because you won’t have to struggle to get it each time you need. Now, once everything is organized, look at your current linen closet or storage and smile because you have saved yourself from a mess and struggle to keep your linens tidy, clean and hygienic. Congrats!