Be your own closet expert!

Published on 24.12.2018

Are you so close to giving up on finding the way to make your closet an awesome one again? Or perhaps, you would want to start fresh and get your own closet in your home? You must have thought that hiring a professional to do it for you would be the best option. Well, it is true if you are willing to spend your money on getting a professional to simply reorganize your closet and make it look like a closet again or get them to create one for you. Cost wise, it is actually not that expensive to get a professional to do it. There are a lot of closet companies that can actually do it depending on your budget, so, if you have a bigger budget to invest in your closet, that is all up to you! However, if you have a low budget and still considering whether to get a professional to do it for you or not, truthfully speaking, save that money and be an expert! If you learn the tricks and tips, you would do as great as a pro! Also, if you do it on your own, it is always best because you know where and how things work at your own space, so it would be easier for you to set and organize your closet. The most that you need to invest is your time rather than your money. So, it is advisable to do this on the weekends or your off days.

Before starting the whole process, get a bit technical with a measuring tape and a paper to measure your closet space. Buy the necessities for your closet. If you want an open closet, you can always go for hanging racks. However, if you want a closed one, look for a nice and compatible wardrobe. Some people prefer to have a closed closet because they want to avoid dust from lingering on their clothes. An open closet gives you a minimalist vibe and helps you to browse through your closet easier because everything can be seen right when you enter your closet room. It is important to plan the best concept for your closet room. Make a checklist of what you need for your closet. Always stick to the concept that you have decided to avoid confusion and hassle while setting it up.

It is crucial to get several clear containers, collapsible containers or baskets to better organize your closet. You can just keep the folded clothes in the containers or basket to save up some space. Hanging everything can be very time-saving because you do not have to fold your clothes one-by-one but, it is space-consuming. Tips here, fold your daily clothes and hang your dresses, suits, blouses or other weekly or monthly clothes. Over-the-door hangers are truly good to save your space. You can always use them to hang your bags or outerwear. It is best to go to IKEA and get as many as space-saving organizers for your closets. Once you have made the space and satisfy with the outcome, you can now officially call yourself an expert! Now, the last thing is, move your items in and organize or stack your items carefully and nicely so that your closet will always look like a closet room, not a storeroom.