Self storage for your items

Published on 21.12.2018

Self storage is known for its storage service which allows people to store their desired items at their own time, ease and unit. Even with its usefulness and advantages, there is a vast number of people who are still unaware of self storage. It may be common to be seen and heard of in other countries such as in the UK, however, it can be said as a relatively new service in Malaysia even with the existence of various self storage companies.

Some people may be aware of its existence in Malaysia long before but are not familiar with the way it works and little that they know of the benefits that they can utilize. However, there are also individuals who are informed of self storage but are still in hesitation to use the service simply because they are not really well-informed about it. Here are the things you should highlight in considering for a self-storage service because when you keep these in mind, you will save your worries and doubts for something else.

1. Various unit sizes for your needs and budget.

Storage space - Moomtaz Self Storage

Costs have always been our main concern when opting for a service. A self-storage unit can be considered a need for people struggling with storage issues but the rental fee might be the obstacle to choose it as their solution. Along with various self storage companies exist in Malaysia, there is also a various range of price and size that you can choose from depending on your budget. Most companies provide a free consultation service that you can seek for and discuss your concerns. Even with that service, self storage companies are here to help you from A to Z for your convenience. You can always start with the smallest size possible and when you think it is necessary to upsize or downsize your unit, upgrading and downgrading your unit size is just as simple as ABC. However, bear in mind that the bigger the size, the higher the rental fee.

2. Safe and secured.

Padlock - Moomtaz Self Storage

You might think that keeping your items at a place which is not of your immediate sight is unsafe and worrisome. Well, that’s normal even when our partner is out for work, we also feel the same way. However, do you know that all self-storage facilities are safeguarded and properly secured? Even though your items are kept in the unit and locked with a padlock of your own choice, but the security and safety system of the facility are beyond the safety of your unit. With the modern technology era, the safety and security system at the facility are advanced and possible to sense the presence of a threat. Even so, it is unrealistic to say that it is 100% safe and secured from threats but all of the measures and systems taken in ensuring the safety and security at the facilities are our efforts to realistically avoid any foreseen threats.

All in all, self-storage service should be your option in solving your unnecessary storage issues. Free up your mind by freeing up your space and time. You are just one call away from that.