To be clutter-free: Make your bedroom looks like a BEDROOM!

Published on 17.01.2019

Having a messy bedroom to end our day is truly painful to look at but because of being too exhausted with work and other important schedules during the day, so we usually tend to ignore the mess and only settle what we could. Then, when the weekend comes that’s when a massive headache strikes because of our bedroom condition. So, now if you think that is relatable to you, you are obliged to join the bandwagon of decluttering your bedroom.

Let’s begin!

1. First thing first, MAKE YOUR BED! Even with mountains of mess on your bed, make your bed. Put aside whatever you have on your bed, and start making your bed. Change your bedsheet if you haven’t done so for a while. This will keep you motivated to finish the rest of the mess. Having an unmade bed with unfitted bedsheet and comforter is just too disturbing to see while cleaning up the entire bedroom. So, once again, MAKE YOUR BED.

2. Clear your nightstands. Remove everything on it and let it be empty for a while.

3. Clear all drawers, chests and vanity table. Leave them empty and alone, for a while because sometimes it is okay to be all alone for a little while. They also need time for themselves…

Okay, next!

4. Take down all masterpieces, art or photo frames, certificates, trophies, and whatnot. If you think it is too important to stay, then let it be. If you hesitate whether to keep it there or take it down, then take it down. Simple rule.

5. Once everything is cleared out, you can stare at your belongings. Time to reflect. How on earth you managed to keep all of those items in a room and have a so-called good sleep with a lot of junks. This step should not exceed 5 minutes because a lot of reflection may end up with procrastination and tears. So, stand firm with your mission: TO DECLUTTER YOUR BEDROOM!

6. Sort your items and get a lot of containers. Sort your items in their categories:

A. To keep: Those important items that you have to keep because you need it regularly.

B. To keep away: Those important items you have to keep but don’t have immediate use.

C. To throw: Just throw those items away. Normally, items in this category are the ones you hesitate in keeping it or throwing it away because if you really want to keep it, you won’t have a doubt to throw them away. Items you haven’t used for more than 6 months should fall in this category as well.

Once everything is sorted out, keep your Category A items in the containers of your choice.

Keeping your items in containers is best for a neat and an organized look.

7. Prepare for moving out. Your Category B items should now be placed somewhere else other than your bedroom. You may keep them in your storeroom, if there is more space or the best solution is to put them in a self-storage unit. Keep those items in a box or boxes, tape and label the boxes. For a more practical storing, you can create a list of what you have in the boxes so it won’t be a hassle when you need them in the future.

8. Arrange and organize your bedroom. This is the best time for a room makeover if you want but if you wish to keep the same arrangement, then just keep everything back at its place. Arrange them nicely and neatly. Drawer organizers are best to be used for a better organization.

9. Smile and relax. Because you are now a few steps forward to live a clutter-free life!