To be clutter-free: Burn all of your kitchen junks!

Published on 14.01.2019

Kitchen is the frequently visited area in our house. No matter how busy someone is, a kitchen is our must-visit place every day. Maybe for those who cook daily, a kitchen is like their gym but for those who rarely cook, we would still go to our every single day when we’re at home even to simply check what’s in our fridge.

Being the most visited area in the house, a kitchen is the place of clutters. We may not use it regularly for cooking but realize it or not, a kitchen is a place that we clean up most of the time. Our kitchen gets cluttered very quickly thus, the need to clean it up regularly.

Kitchen cleaning can take up so much of our time and to doing it daily would be impossible due to other commitments. So, here’s how you can do to make it less of a struggle to clean your kitchen.

1. A thorough washing in your kitchen.

Wash off the dirt in your sinks, countertops, and appliances. Clear all your dirty dishes, pots and pans. Wipe down and clear your toaster, waffle maker, juice maker, microwave, blender and other appliances that are used regularly. Not to forget, clean your windows in and out for a cleaner environment.

2. Clear out your junks.

Go through each section, refrigerator, cupboard, drawer, and shelf in your kitchen and take out the unused items or old items. Often we would find a lot of expired groceries and unused baking appliances. Take them all out and finalize whether to throw away or to still keep them and continue with the mess.

Remember, the fewer items you have in your kitchen, the less time you will need to clean up your kitchen.

3. Sort all items.

It is important to sort like with the like. Sort your cookware in one place, your glass dinnerware in one place. Organize your groceries, spices and other items in the kitchen according to their categories. This would really help to make things easier for you each time you are in the kitchen. You will not have to roam through everything in order to find one single item.

Store your kitchen knives and other cutlery in a drawer.

Tips: Get clear containers or containers of your preference to keep the items. Put organizers in your drawers for a nicer sorting. Label them for a better organization.

4. Change all textiles.

Take down draperies, curtains, and blinds to wash or have it cleaned. Vacuum and clean windowsills and corners. Wash the insides and outsides of the windows. Take down and rinse off the screens, before replacing. Surprisingly by doing this, you will have a new vibe in your kitchen and maybe can enhance your mood to cook more often.

5. Sweep and mop the floor.

This is a MUST even though you normally wear your slippers in the kitchen. For a cleaner and safer kitchen, always sweep and mop your kitchen floor. This is vital for people with young kids or babies.

6. Set aside an area for your little ones.

To make your kitchen a place to be enjoyed by everyone in the house, set aside a special area for your little ones. You can create a special drawer that they can have access to, maybe a drawer with plastic dinnerware for their use. This would make them feel included and can be of a great learning process for them if you are creative enough.

Once you are done with everything, take a look at your kitchen again and be grateful that you did it. Remember to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen daily, simply by doing a quick cleaning right after using your kitchen area. By doing that, you might not need to take so much of your time to do a major cleaning.

Time to celebrate with a special dish!