Time to declutter your closet!

Published on 19.12.2018

Organizing your closet is a major headache and we always do not know where to begin with, simply because there are too much stuff that we keep inside. Our closet has always been the magical place for surprises because it is usually the place that keeps our long-forgotten dresses that we bought on sale but we have never worn or that one scarf that we bought years ago but too loved to be worn. It is, indeed, a magical place when we clean up our closet because suddenly we found everything that cannot be found. So now, let us turn in into a better magical place where you can always find what you look for.


You’ll never have to worry about organizing your closet again. Maintaining an organized closet will always be an ongoing process because updating your wardrobe is an ongoing process, but there are certain things you can do to ensure that you’ll never spend more than 20 minutes rearranging your clothes ever again. And to ensure that you will not have to spend hours to find your desired clothes. First thing first, sift through your clothes by type, that is the fastest way to declutter your closet. It is so inefficient and overwhelming to toss everything away and make it into a mountain of fabrics. So, the best way is to separate them into categories like pants, dresses, tops, scarves, winter clothes, undergarments, outerwear and others. This will definitely help you a lot in organizing your closet as well as saving your time to get ready because everything is now in place.

Once you have categorized all your items in their own category, you have to go through the crucial part of all, sorting them out. It is important to sort out your clothes BECAUSE YOU NEED MORE SPACE FOR NEW ITEMS. So, do not hesitate to sort them into clothes that you want to keep, donate, throw, or keep in other place because it holds too many memories and takes too much space.

The clothes that you keep should always be the ones that you can fit and wear regularly.

The ones that you hesitate either to keep or throw, should always be for donation. You throw out the ones that are too ugly or too bad in its condition. Remember that you should not donate the ones that you won’t even want to wear like worn out clothes or all torn out clothes. The ones that you decided to keep because it is too memorable, pack and move them away safely in the self storage.

Now, once you have sorted everything out and cleared out your closet, give your closet a once-over. Make sure you really clear everything out and do not leave anything behind. Now, seize through your closet’s best features such as vertical storage space, built-in shelving, or multiple hanging rods. Use these features at its best. Hang what needs to be hung and organize your closet as tidy as you can. Get yourself some baskets or clear containers for a better way of sorting your items. Color-coordinate them if you want your closet to be eyes-pleasing. Fold what needs to be folded and do not fold them too big or simply roll them to save more space. Once everything is organized and stacked nicely, you are now good to go!