Preparation for 'nesting' during pregnancy

Published on 20.12.2018

Typically, pregnant women will undergo one phase in life during their pregnancy which is called ‘nesting period’. What is ‘nesting period’? It is that one phase where pregnant women will experience the urge to clean their the house and to rearrange everything in the house for it become neater and satisfyingly in place.

Nesting period during pregnancy is also one of the bizarre cravings, where pregnant women crave to have a cleaner, fresher and comfier home for the birth of their newborn. The strongest temptation for this nesting period usually happens in the last few weeks of pregnancy before giving birth, based on the past experiences of many.

So, what happened when mommies started to do their house-cleaning? It is believed that there will be a lot of unused and unnecessary items that do not have much importance or values to be kept at home. So, with the existence of self-storage service, mommies have the option to keep those items as their possessions but give more space for their new bundle of joy. Self-storage service gives an alternative to mommies to rent a storage unit and let them keep their possessions in the unit for as long as they wish and make extra space for the newborn. Taking care of a newborn is not a ‘honeymoon’ period for parents because there will be so many sleepless nights, lack of attention for one’s self and not to mention the eye-bags and dark circles.

Getting a newborn gives so much love and struggle at the same time. Parents always want to provide the best they could for the babies, that includes providing a safe and comfortable space for them. As parents struggle to take good care of their newborns, they do not have extra time to bother for a daily house-cleaning or the clutters as long as their babies have a comfortable space. Hence, during this nesting period, mommies will always keep these points in check and prepare things earlier in order to have lesser clutters and mess in future. So, the need to move away unneeded and unnecessary belongings plays a big role here. Renting a self-storage unit to store in those belongings can really ease their mind and let them have one less issue to think of. Mommies can store in their possessions in the rented unit and give up the space at home to welcome that little bundle of joy. A comfier, fresher and cleaner environment is important in ensuring babies in a pink of health. Sort your choice and space wisely before that cutie pops out.