Moving in a hurry? Don't worry.

Published on 20.11.2017

In certain situations, storing some or all of your belongings separately when moving can help reduce some of the stress and hassle involved with the transition.You’ll eventually want those items back, but won’t need them during the initial transition. If you store them in a place near your moving destination, you’ll be able to gather them later when you’re ready.

If you have small children, getting a storage unit can help you to take the pressure off of dealing with so many boxes at once. For example, store away things like toys and extra baby chair in storage unit and deal with them after you have unpack the furniture.

For a move that happens in short notice, such as having to leave an apartment within a month, self storage is always there for you. Keep your belongings in a unit while staying with friends until you find a new place. You can then retrieve your items once you have space for them.

When facing these two types of scenario, having a storage unit will be your best option.

3 things you should know after you have decided to use self storage service: 

1) Value of the item (e.g., sentimental value, memorabilia, heirlooms)
2) Things that are hard to replace if you leave it behind
3) Things that will fit the new space 

Kow the location
1) convenient and near to your new place
2) compare prices to find an offer that fits with your budget

Know the way to reserve a unit
1) Know when you need to move
2) Know how to reserve

You can secure a unit just by walk-in visit but sometimes might not work to your advantage if spaces are limited and not fit to your specific need. A good trick would be to survey facilities that offer variety of sizes like Moomtaz Self Storage and ask for consultation(by phone or face-to face) with our friendly operators concerning your storage issues and how to solve them. Then simply book your unit through phone, online or walk-in visit and move into your unit promptly without hassle.

Need storage for your quick move? Let us help you.