Let’s reorganize your closet!

Published on 03.12.2018

Closets are one of man-made’s genius creations! We keep and hide almost everything in it starting from our daily clothes, worn out clothes, clothes we can no longer fit in, dresses from years ago, mommy’s hand-me-downs, bags, pillows, bolsters, bedspreads, towels, and EVERYTHING. Well, probably we take the other meaning of closet too literal which also means ‘secret’, hence the secrecy of keeping everything inside. It might have come to the critical point where there is no more room for new clothes to keep so stashing everything on the walkway is the only solution rather than adding more mess in other place. Or...more critical is when we cannot even find the clothes that we want in an hour just because we have no idea where exactly we put it but we know it is in the closet but just cannot find it. That is critical and if you have reached that point, it is the wake-up call to reorganize your closet from A to Z and save yourself from frustration in future.


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So, looking at our closet, first thing first, sigh...How do you manage to keep that mountain in the closet or even outside the closet? Okay…now pull yourself together and stand firm to your strong will to reorganize your closet. The most important part of this makeover is sorting out your clothes and belongings and whatever you have in the closet. Bear in mind that this mission is to reorganize your closet and to save yourself from any hassle and frustration in future, so sort things out and be ready to let things go. It is advisable to do this crucial part with a partner who can be a judge for your decision because sometimes we tend to keep everything and declutter nothing. Once you have passed the sorting out phase, purchase as many clear storage containers as you want. If you are technical enough, draw a diagram of the shelf dimensions and get the right containers that can fit or just estimate which one would best fit the shelf. You might need big ones and small ones but small bins often allow better sorting.

Ready with your containers and sorted items? Now put your clothes or other items in the containers according to the category. Keep them based on their class such as daily t-shirts stay with daily t-shirts, pants with pants, blouses with blouses, bedspreads with bedspreads. By doing so, it would be much easier for you to find what you want and you would save so much time finding it. It is optional, but if you want things to be more practical, label the containers. If you opt to hang your clothes, hang dresses or suits only because your aim is to have more space and make it manageable. Hanging your clothes might seem easier because you don’t need to fold but it would take up more space and won’t look tidier.

This makeover should only take few hours and each time you are cleaning the place, you would only spend lesser time than in your previous closet condition. Good luck!