Research before rent

Published on 30.11.2018

Self storage in Malaysia can be said as a new thing hence, choices for storage facilities are not as many as there are in other countries. In the UK, self storage has been in the country for decades and it is undeniably a need for most of its people. However, looking at today’s year and past few years, Malaysians have started to gain awareness about self storage and have begun to realize the need for it in their life. Sometimes, throwing away our belongings is just too cruel for the memories and that has always been the case for our mountains of unused item in the storeroom. You think it would be all good but the moment you need more space to breathe, you know you’re in a big mess. Self storage knows exactly what you need and it aims to cater to your storage issues. All you need to do is to find the best storage unit that can keep your belongings. Self storage should always provide convenience from A to Z and give you one less mess to take care of. Finding the best storage facility can be quite confusing if you’re a first-timer, but by doing a thorough research, you might save yourself from worries and regrets.

Before renting a storage unit, make your research and find out detailed information about the facility and the unit of your choice. Do not limit your choice to just one or two options, keep it varied at first and narrow it down then, scrutinize your choices. It is better to see it on site rather than just getting the information virtually. Some facilities provide a free consultation and that’s your golden chance to know more about your needed unit.

Security at the facility is a very crucial feature that you need to know. Ask them how secure their facility is and whether they have surveillance cameras operating 24 hours, so you’ll know that your belongings are a step away from threat. Ensure that your unit is can be locked, get to know what type of lock they use and how secure it is. These are the most crucial parts in renting a unit because you don’t want your belongings to just ‘disappear’. Temperature is another crucial feature that you need to know for your unit. If you need a cold room, ask them for a cold one but normally they would provide a unit with a normal room temperature. A facility with a 24/7 access should always be on top of your list because who knows you might need the item you stored in at 6am on Sunday. So, a facility with 24/7 access for tenant without any prior appointment is a great option for your convenience.

Cleanliness may seem petty but it is actually important in considering the best one. You don’t want to store in your belongings at a garbage place, right? Another feature that you might want to look at is the customer service that the facility provides. A good place with a good customer service should be your priority because you’ll most probably deal with them more than you think you will. All in all, always do you research and try to strive for the best choice and avoid yourself from any expected loss. Good luck!