Self Storage in Malaysia: Why Moomtaz Self Storage?

Published on 06.03.2019

Self Storage in Malaysia Why Moomtaz Self Storage 3

In Malaysia, self storage is still considered new and its awareness is still not widely spread. Meanwhile, in countries like the UK and US, self storage is considered a lifestyle since years ago. Today, that’s still not the case in Malaysia even though a lot of self-storage facilities have long been established here. Self storage companies in Malaysia takes a lot of effort in ensuring that self-storage service and its benefits can be enjoyed by everyone.

But, first thing first...

Why Self-Storage?


Do you find your house cluttered with items that you don’t use often; but are reluctant to part with?

Do you find your office storage overflowing with documents, equipment, and other items that you don’t want to let go but just cannot fit into your office anymore?

Do you have volumes of documents that you are legally obligated to archive, but can no longer store in the filing room?

Are you renovating, building, selling or moving house, or downsizing or upgrading your business operations and are stressed because you cannot find space for ALL your belongings?

Do you think you need more space to breathe and to let your kids roam around?

If your answer is YES to any of the above questions, then fret no more all you need is…


How does it work?

As a self storage company in Malaysia, Moomtaz Self Storage operates like the others as well. Moomtaz Self Storage provides a storage facility for individuals and corporations who need extra storage space for their possessions.

At Moomtaz Self Storage, customers get to choose from a list of storage spaces available for rent, depending on their specific needs. Customers and clients get to store their belongings in their own individual unit. Moomtaz Self Storage based in an easily accessible location within a commercial and residential area. Storage units at Moomtaz Self Storage are also suitable to be used for storage purposes due to death, divorce, density, dislocation. There are countless reasons why self storage is a need for an individual. For instance, speaking in the context of Malaysia, a lot of online sellers are in shortage of space at home due to the excess inventory that they have to keep at home. With that reason, self storage is the right service that they need.

Self Storage in Malaysia Why Moomtaz Self Storage 1

Why Choose Moomtaz?

Moomtaz offers beyond mere storage space. In line with its brand values of being trustworthy and convenient, customers can rest assured that security is given utmost priority.

At Moomtaz Self Storage, customers can save their worries because these features are equipped in the facility:

-24/7 security surveillance cameras

-Alarms and access control panels

-Complete Fire Alarm System

-Elevators for ease of transporting your belongings to the storage space

-Online reservation and booking

-Prayer Room

-Private mailbox

-Packing solutions (boxes, tapes, padlocks, bubble wrap, knife, scissors)

-Individual and clean storage rooms

Self Storage in Malaysia Why Moomtaz Self Storage 2

If you think Moomtaz Self Storage is best for your items, please reach us at 011-57698864