Store it right at your self storage unit

Published on 28.11.2018

Renting a storage unit is just one part in solving your space issues but keeping your belongings in the unit is another part. You may think your job is done simply because you have rented a storage unit for all of your precious things, but actually you still have few more things to think of in order to get a ‘mess-free’ and ‘chaos-free’ storage unit for the sake of your convenience as well as the safety and protection of your belongings. As a part of sharing is caring community, here are ways to keep things right and to keep it your way!

It has always been a trouble when you cannot differentiate which box contains which item. It is truly an inconvenience to always open all boxes until you find the item that you want. Well, that’s simply because you are not aware of this simple tip that will change your way of storing things forever. It is certain that once you have tried this one out, things will be way easier for you. Here is the tip, create aisles in your storage unit and arrange the boxes with its labels facing out. The next time you want to take out your things out, it will be as easy as ABC. You may think stacking your boxes all the way up until the roof is less space-consuming, then you are a step closer to a dangerous place. You should not stack the boxes too high because it is not safe for your belongings and for you, especially your back spines. It is also time-consuming because it takes a lot of effort even though to only take out one box, hence, stack it just right; not too high and not too low. It is very important to mark your items clearly, what’s more when you are using a professional mover to drop your items at the storage facility, to avoid confusion.

Storage unit should be a hassle-free option for you and opted to rent a unit should not make you regret if it is such a hurdle. Safety is always first in all cases, and for this case you should always make sure that you have a sturdy secure lock for your storage. Accidents are inevitable but it is always better to take a precaution because it is better to be safe than sorry. Also, accidents like having to pay extra for other hidden services or other things is a major headache, thus, you need to always be well-informed about the payment and agreement when renting a storage unit. Read the agreement carefully and it is also important to ask about the access to your storage, whether they provide 24/7 free access or any charge fee for extra hours.

If you’re still unsure about keeping your storage unit in a clean and mess-free condition, get a contact name at the storage facility as they are always ready to help you out. Ask them everything and 99% they are well-trained to solve your worries. All the best!