To be clutter-free: Clear your storeroom.

Published on 14.01.2019

Often, storeroom is the most neglected area in your house. Our storeroom is like our magical place where no rule is applied. We keep everything in it, we can find almost anything inside and nothing can stop us from keeping whatever we want in our storeroom. Without our storeroom, life is not what it is now (many people can relate).

With an abundance of mess in the storeroom, most of us do not know where to begin when it comes to clean it up. An organized and neat storeroom is like a blessing in life that we should be grateful for but without us cleaning it, the blessing will not be in our favor. So, take a day off (if you need to) and to the storeroom you may go.

Here are a few items you can get before cleaning up your storeroom:

1. Get as many clear containers as possible!

Clear containers are meant to be a lifesaver. For everything that you need it to look organized and tidy, you know you need clear containers. Set aside few clear containers to be specially used in your storeroom depending on how many items you need to store in your storeroom. Label each of the boxes, if you can or distinguish each box to make it easier to find the desired items. So, no more combing through your stuff!

2. Back door storage.

Magnetic containers, stick-on-the-wall containers, and storage of those kinds that can be placed at the back of the door are super useful. Buy plenty of them if you want because it will be life-changing for you. Aside from it being space-saving, it can also be a very good container to keep your small items and common items such as tools.

3. Use adjustable shelves.

If your storeroom does not have adjustable shelves, then you should consider using it. Adjustable shelves ideal for small spaces. You can simply adjust its’ height to fit your storage needs. Not only that, it would make your storeroom looks more organized and spacious.

4. Pegboards!

If you have never thought of having a pegboard in your storeroom, then you should now! Pegboard is another life-changing item that you should have in your life. Besides being space-saving, it can also act as a decoration in your storeroom. Pegboards make it easier to reach out for the items that you used regularly. Use it to hang your craft supplies, tools or stationery.

5. Baskets for an extra touch.

Basically, baskets have the same functions as your clear containers but with an extra touch of making the place looks nicer. Get a rattan basket or any basket of your preference to store your linens for instance. A higher basket can be used to store your “standing items” such as curtain rods or umbrella.

Now, you are ready to the once in a year cleaning (hopefully!)