New year, new resolutions, starting with to be clutter-free

Published on 03.01.2019

New year means new resolutions. Oh, how typical! But let that typicality makes us improve and strive for the betterment. So, what are your new year’s resolutions for 2019?

You must have listed down plenty but here’s one that you should really aim to achieve and that is to be clutter-free.

Having a cluttered house is such a headache and troublesome what’s more when you are tired and in need of peace of mind. During those time, you will most likely feel like there’s a heavy burden in your shoulder of having to clear up the clutters in your house in order to get a comfier ambiance to relax.

With this new year, you are encouraged to use these tips in order to help you achieve your resolution of having a clutter-free home. Get yourself ready and put your motivation at the highest level, let’s get started!

First thing first, take a tour at your kids’ room or your little ones’ play area.

This is the place that requires most of your attention even to an extent that you feel super relieved just by looking at this place when it is clean, tidy and organized. Children are known to be playful and that’s their way of exploring things and as a parent, we should encourage and support them as well as be happy with their progress. However, a messy place won’t let us to genuinely feel happy for them because of the stress it causes. So, it is best if we can sort, arrange and keep things nicely at their space so that we don’t have to feel stressed out because of the clutters.

Here’s how:

1. Teach your kids about being clean, tidy and organized. Raise awareness in them on the benefits of being clean and tidy as well as the disadvantages of vice versa.

2. Train them to keep their things on their own once they have finished using it. Always encourage them to help you organize, clean and keep their toys, books and other items.

3. Buy colorful and fun storage containers with images they love. This is very useful to encourage their interest in keeping their items on their own. You may do games to make it even more interesting. If you love to be extra creative, buy plain storage containers and decorate it on your own.

4. Sort all items based on their categories such as soft toys with soft toys, blocks with blocks and vehicle toys with their own cluster. This helps for a better sorting process and would be way easier for you and your children.

5. Use multipurpose furniture. For instance, a bed with hidden drawers and study table, a book rack attached with drawers. This can help you hide the mess temporarily.

Stay tuned for the next one!