The best for your needs

Published on 28.12.2018

Self storage is undeniably one of the most needed options that ever existed in this world. We might think we don’t really need it but as soon as we look at our storeroom, that’s when we realized we are actually in need of one, maybe we need it for a short term or for a long run, we decide. Self storage has always made to cater to your storage needs. It is also made for your convenience, hence, if you’re currently renting a unit but you’re still in a mess and nothing less than a hassle, it is the time to reconsider your choice and source for other storage facilities. However, before selecting your storage unit, these are the details that you need to inquire every time you source for a storage unit, in order to save you from regret and to save you from spending more than what you actually should….

First thing first, always and always ask for the storage sizes that are available at the facility. Find out all sizes that they have starting from the smallest unit to the largest one and compare the measurement for the sizes that fit your need. Besides comparing the measurement, you also need to compare the rental cost. Find out the cost of each size and make a comparison of the price and the measurement. Sometimes, tenants might have to pay extra for what they think is free such as access to their storage unit. So, to save you up from any damage to your bank account, ask whether the services that you need will be charged or just for free. Also, to save you up from worries, ask for any possible fee that will be charged and the staff will definitely brief you more about it. Some facilities allow you to access your storage unit at any time with no appointment needed. However, some facilities do not grant you 24/7 access without an appointment, so always ask for the access hours allowed to tenants.

Security access panel - Moomtaz Self Storage

Have you ever thought of asking about insect infestation at your storage unit? If you have, that’s good but if you haven’t, please ask about insect infestation to save your storage space from being a nest for unwanted creatures. Other than asking about the security from insects, you also need to ask about the security at the facility from all possible threats. How secure the facility is, is there any surveillance camera, is it accessible by the public and all other worries you have, be sure to ask them.

Security CCTV - Moomtaz Self Storage

Self storage should be convenient at all aspects including the loading and unloading part. You should know about the distance and ease from your car or truck to your storage unit. A conducive and compatible elevator should play a role here. Other than that, parking space is also the main thing in considering the best facility. Check whether they have an adequate parking space for tenants because time is precious so don’t waste on finding a parking space.

So, these are the basic guidelines that can be used when sourcing for the best unit to fulfill your storage needs. Know more about your choice but don’t spend more than you should. Now, time to choose!